Masters on display in Sorrento

IMG_20161203_175224 (1)The winter appointment is back once again with the Nativity scene art masters, in the exposition of Villa Fiorentino now in its seventh edition. Until January 8th 2016.
That of the crèche craftsmen is a true art form, who make spectacular sceneries and characters with extraordinary plasticity and expressiveness. If the marvel of the Presepe, in the classical tradition of the eighteenth century, has always amazed audiences, it is also true that the most passionate fans seek in the scenes the most significant and essential elements that make the true greatness of the Neapolitan Presepe: more secular than religious, representations of life, of society, of the tastes and fashions of the southern capital in its period of major development.
So the holy family is placed in front of the ruins of a pagan temple, a symbol of an archaeological passion which was then at its highest level after the discoveries of Pompeii and Herculaneum. The taste for oriental fashion is embodied by the Magi with their parade of musicians, with rich clothing styles and perfectly represented musical instruments.
And then the arts and crafts, the lives of everyday people, split between work and tavern, who are not ashamed to drink and have fun, unaware of the great miracle that is about to happen.
Only the purity and innocence of a young shepherd boy can open our hearts with ease the truth of the mystery that is being fulfilled: this is the role of one of the most famous characters of the Presepe, Benino, which on his way to the cave sleeps and dreams of Baby Jesus.

A sparkling winter in Sorrento

m-illuminod-invernoMusic festivals, Christmas markets, exhibitions, street performers, international events. And a not-to-be-missed special offer for a magical New Year’s Eve at the Bellevue Syrene.
Each year, the autumn brings with it a rich catalogue of events to enrich Sorrento’s seasonal calendar. The lighting ceremony of the illuminations on November 19th marks the beginning of the Christmas season, and bestows a magical atmosphere to the coastal, and renders the winter holidays simply charming.
M’illumino d’Inverno is the name of the festival that includes some of the most interesting events of the year. First of all, the international film days, a convention for the industry workers, in which the highest-grossing films are rewarded with golden tickets. The event has great prominence and sees parading on the red carpet many stars of the big screen.
Maestri in mostra is a show of great interest, dedicated to the Nativity scene art, one of the many distinguishing features of the Neapolitan culture and tradition. There are also many concerts and theatre shows, in addition to street animation for the younger ones.
To celebrate in the best possible way this time of year so special, especially New Year’s Eve, the Bellevue Syrene has thought of two special holiday packages that make for an unforgettable New Year in Sorrento.

Sentiero degli Dei. Trekking between the two coasts

SENTIERO-DEGLI-DEI-30An increasingly popular activity, a trend that engages both sport and nature enthusiasts.
To see the land from another point of view and to discover new horizons, both inside and outside.

A bit of meditation, a bit of hiking, probably a way to get in tune with yourself, outdoor trekking is now a must for those who wish to know in depth their holiday location, especially if the area offers particularly diverse and fascinating landscapes.
This is the case of the two coasts, Sorrento and Amalfi, enclosed like an embrace among the rocks dotted by the Mediterranean vegetation that gently slopes towards the sea.

Mount Faito, Punta Campanella, and the bay of Ieranto are destinations of great interest.
But the Sentiero degli Dei, the path of the gods, is without a doubt a must for trekking addicts. Ideal in spring or at the beginning of autumn, the path is tortuous but not prohibitive, and it is mostly in a slight descent, from Agerola to Positano, or more precisely, from the fraction of Bomerano to Nocelle, going through the Grotta del Biscotto, with homes built in the rock, through Monte Serra and passing Vallone Grarelle. The view extends from Praiano to Punta Campanella, and in front Capri and the small islands of Li Galli. The impressive panorama fully justifies the divine toponymy!
For trekking enthusiasts and experts or even for those who want to try a natural style promenade for the first time, Bellevue Syrene can organize excursions with expert guides and in total safety.